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:plugger brings together Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube and Picasa
on your mobile phone.

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Browse your favorite social network feeds on your mobile

Share photos, videos and update status on your favorite social networks using text and picture messages.


How to

About :plugger

We want to make :plugger a place where it is easy for you to share your thoughts and your feelings with your friends and family.

To do this, :plugger provides you with:

1. FREE access to your favorite social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter from your Claro phone (no internet data charge)
2. FREE SMS notifications when your favorite :plugger friends publish statuses and photos on :plugger
3. An easy way to update statuses to all your social networks with only one SMS to :plugger (9798).
4. An easy way to update photos to all your social networks with only one MMS to :plugger (9798).


Do I need a wifi connection or a data plan to access :plugger from my telephone?

No. You can access :plugger and all your connected social networks for FREE without connecting your phone to wifi and without paying for a data plan.

If you do have a data plan, the internet traffic you will use on :plugger will not be charged to your account. This can represent good savings for you!

Is my personal content safe on :plugger?


:plugger does not keep personal information other than what you publish on the site. Also, the friends you make on :plugger cannot see your telephone number.

We take your personal information very seriously and we do all we can to guarantee their safety. However, we keep the right to communicate with you in relation to your account status or any other matter that might affect the service or the information we have recorded

Service costs

How much is this service?

You can browse the :plugger site for FREE on your mobile phone directly from the Claro Network. You do not need a wifi connection or a data plan.

You can upload photos and statuses for FREE from the :plugger site (on the web or on your phone)

All SMS notifications you receive from :plugger are FREE

SMS you send to 9798 cost $1.51 (IVA included)

MMS you send to 9798 cost $2.52 (IVA included)

Can I access :plugger if my prepaid balance is zero?

Yes. You can access :plugger at any time for FREE. You do not need to keep a balance on your Claro account to access :plugger from your telephone.

It is FREE to browse :plugger from the Claro network

This means that you can access your favorite social networks anywhere you go. No need for WiFi or Data Plan.


How can I register to :plugger?

1. Send a SMS with your name to 9798 from your cellular
2. :plugger will send you back a SMS with a link and a password
3. Click on that link to complete your registration.

You can now start to use :plugger to invite friends, or to connect your social networks.

Remember that it is FREE to access your :plugger account from your cellular. You do not need to be on wifi or to subscribe to a dataplan! Just click on!

I forgot my password, what can I do?

1. Send a SMS to 9798 with the word "pass"
2. :plugger will send you a new password and a link to quickly access your account from your cellular

In general, it is not necessary to use a password to access :plugger from your Claro. You only need a password when you access :plugger from wifi, a computer, or from a network that is not Claro.

How can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account by communicating with Claro's customer center.

Status updates

:plugger is the fastest and easiest way to update your status

Send a SMS to 9798 and keep all your friends updated in one single step! One SMS message to 9798 updates all your connected social networks at once.

You can also update your status and upload pictures from your HOME page.

How can I be sure that my status is uploaded?

You will receive a SMS if :plugger is experiencing any problem. If you try again and receive a second error message, you should verify the connection status from the Manage your accounts section on your HOME page. Chances are that you need to remove and reconnect :plugger to your social network.

Photos, Videos and Audios

:plugger is the fastest and easiest way to send photos and videos from your Claro

Send a SMS to 9798 and keep all your friends updated in one single step! One SMS message to 9798 updates all your connected social networks at once.

How can I upload pictures from the :plugger site?

From your HOME page, click on the "+Share picture or videos" button located near the top of the page. You will be directed to a page from which you can select a file and upload it to :plugger.

What type of content can I upload to :plugger?

Using :plugger you can upload various type of content depending on the social networks that are connected Facebook (images and videos), Twitter (images and videos), Picasa Web Albums (images), YouTube (videos)

I have erased a picture by mistake, how can I get it back?

Unfortunately, once you delete a picture, it is definitely removed from :plugger. It is not possible yet to retrieve deleted content.

Add your social networks at: plugger

Which Social Networks can I connect to :plugger

You can connect the following social networks to :plugger: Facebook, Picasa Web Albums, YouTube and Twitter.

How can add my favorite social networks to :plugger?

Select the option Manage Your Accounts from your HOME page, then click on the social network you want to add.

The content that you publish from :plugger will then automatically be sent to the networks that you have selected.

Registration and password

I do not have an account on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. What can I do with :plugger?

:plugger makes it easy for you to share pictures and statuses with the friends you add to :plugger.

And if you want, you can always add or remove social networks later on.

How can I remove a social network from :plugger?

You can remove the connected social networks from your home page, with the option "Manage Your Accounts"

How can I verify if my social network is well connected to :plugger?

Select "Manage Your Accounts", from your home page to see the status of all your social networks. From this page, you can connect or disconnect the social networks associated to your :plugger account.